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For useful information on protecting yourself and your computer click here

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Not all housing complaints are straightforward and you may not be happy with the response your complaint receives. So here is a refresher of the process and note that stage 2 has been updated so for those unfortunate enough to be familiar with the complaints system please take the time to look at the changes.

Stage 1 – If you are unhappy with a service whether its maintenance, contractors, or housing allocations you should raise a complaint with CarillionAmey and make sure you receive a reference number.

Stage 2 - If you find you are unhappy with the response you receive from CarillionAmey at stage 1 and wish to escalate the issue to stage 2, you can use a new online form as introduced by DIO. The new form features simple text boxes with a clear indication of what information you need to provide before the form can be emailed to the DIO Service delivery Customer Service Team at RAF Wyton.

Stage 3 - If you have completed stage 2 and are still dissatisfied, you can escalate your complaint to the Independent Housing Review Panel click here for the full details.

What’s new about stage 2?
You have two options. The first requires the soldier to complete the complaint form online, at work on the military intranet. The second option enables either the soldier or the spouse to file the complaint.
  1. Online - by completing the online stage 2 complaint form which is available on the MOD Intranet.
  2. Letter - by writing to the Customer Service Team at:
    DIO Service Delivery Accommodation,
    Ground Floor, Swales Pavilion,
    RAF Wyton,
    PE28 2EA
Quote the stage 1 complaint reference number and briefly set out your complaint, why you are not satisfied with the stage 1 response and what outcome you would like.
DIO should acknowledge your stage 2 complaint within three working days and provide you with a reference number. An investigation will then be carried out - depending on the nature of the complaint, this can take some time.

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Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) :

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA):

How and when your benefits are paid:

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Image result for affected by mould in your sfa

Are you affected by mould in your SFA?  If so, click here to register your details on the AFF Mould Register.


Childcare vouchers are a government initiative designed to help working parents pay for childcare. You can convert part of your salary into vouchers saving the tax and National Insurance you would normally pay on that amount.

For further information call the Freephone helpline on 0800 066 5075, e-mail or visit the website


When Moving Out of your Service Family Accommodation please make sure that you have arranged to redirect your mail. 

The Post Office offers a redirection service here




Just like every household in the UK, MOD bases and accommodation need to be licensed.

Whether you live on or off the base, you need to be covered by a TV Licence to watch or record programmes as they're being shown on TV - on your tablet, mobile phone, laptop, TV or any other device.

TV Licensing Officers are authorised to visit MOD bases to check unlicensed addresses.

If you're watching TV illegally, you risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1000, plus legal costs.

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All members of the UK Regular and Reserve Forces (including UOTC and Cadet adults, but not Cadets) are entitled to use the Nuffield Centre and its recreational facilities at JSMTC.  Dependants of those members listed above may use the Nuffield Centre in a non-entitled capacity.  MOD Civil Servants and other civilians who have a very close connection with the Services may also be authorised by CO JSMTC to use these Service welfare and recreational facilities.

Visit the website at

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The Armed Services Advice Project is part of the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau service.

They can assist with

Benefits - entitlements, support with applications, appeals

Housing - whether you rent, own or are homeless

Work-related problems - terms & conditions, dismissal, sickness absence, unfair dismissal, intimidation and redundancy

Relationships - issues leading to separation, children, bereavement and other family matters

Consumer issues

Debt & Money Advice

Service related matters

Lines are open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.


Further information is available from and


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You are eligible to apply for tickets through Tickets for Troops if you are a serving member of HM Armed Forces, or have been medically discharged from the Forces since the commencement of military action in Afghanistan in 2001.
Serving members include both Regulars and Reserves.  Serving members must have a valid MoD 90 (Service ID Card) and Service ID number to register and use the tickets available on this site. Those who have been medically discharged must enter the Service ID Number issued to them whilst serving in the HM Forces.

Further information on registering and tickets for events is available at the link below:

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Spouses and older children of forces personnel are now able to claim income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) as soon as they return to the UK, instead of them having to wait for three months.

Further information is available  here

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


In response to feedback received from personnel, the MOD has taken the step to extend its Enduring Families Free Mail Service (EFFMS) from 1 September 2015.
It will allow a further 1,200 personnel serving on joint operations on land, sea, and air to benefit from the opportunity to receive letters and parcels from their family and friends for free.
The EFFMS is delivered by the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) in conjunction with Royal Mail, and allows family and friends to send letters and items roughly the size of a shoe box and weighing up to 2kg from one of the 11,500 post offices throughout the UK to Defence personnel around the world.
See full details at this link

Note:  Postal charges apply for parcels to certain areas.  Download the App to your tablet or smart phone to see details:

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For information on the Forces Help to Buy Scheme click here

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Our Hidden Wounds psychological wellbeing service can arm Veterans, their families and the families of those currently serving with the skills to understand and manage these emotions. Free and confidential support is accessible by phone, Skype or face to face in Wiltshire and Yorkshire . Please visit or get in touch with the team to find out more.

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Customer Services


Both CarillionAmey and DIO Service Delivery Accommodation have a strong customer focus to provide the best service we can to service personnel and their families. However, sometimes things go wrong so below is some useful advice and guidance on what you need to do if you wish to make a complaint, and what the correct procedure is.
Whatever the problem, we will endeavour to sort it out as quickly as possible. We value your feedback and monitor complaints to help us focus on improving our service in those areas.


How to make a complaint

Complaints are handled in 3 stages, with the aim of making sure that the majority can be fully investigated and promptly put right. If you are dissatisfied by the response at any stage, you will be given the opportunity to go to the next stage.


Stage 1

If you are dissatisfied with our service please call the CarillionAmey Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 or visit the CarillionAmey website.
Once you have registered a complaint, a CarillionAmey customer care manager will contact you, and give you a reference number for your complaint. They will explain how the process works and keep you regularly updated on the progress of your complaint.
If you are not satisfied with the way the complaint is handled or you want to speak to someone more senior, you can speak to a senior manager at the Helpdesk or a CarillionAmey director.


Stage 2

If your complaint has been closed at stage 1 and you are not satisfied with the response, you can then escalate your complaint to the DIO Customer Services Team.
You should briefly set out your complaint and why you are not satisfied with the Stage 1 response in writing to:
Customer Service Team,
DIO Service Delivery Accommodation,
Ground Floor,
Swales Pavilion,
RAF Wyton,
PE28 2EA.

If you make a written complaint we will acknowledge it within 3 working days. An investigation will be carried out but depending on the nature of the complaint, this can take some time.

Stage 3

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive at stage one and stage two, you can escalate your complaint to the Independent Housing Review Panel by writing to:
Independent Housing Review Panel
CD(P) Service and Veterans Welfare Accommodation Policy C2
Ministry of Defence
Floor 6, Zone A
Main Building


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A new government website has been launched for advice on Domestic Abuse. Please click here for further information.

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Personnel are reminded that when ringing CarillionAmey, calls made from a Mobile Phone are charged.  Where possible a call should be made using a landline.

If you use a mobile you can call the geographical number which is 0151 728 1630.  

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Mortgage Buzz

Shared Ownership – How Does It Work

*For members of HM Forces there is the Forces Help To Buy (FHTB) Scheme but there are also other Help-to-Buy Schemes available to qualifying buyers – Forces and Non-Forces.

Shared ownership is a service that has been provided through Housing Associations for some time now and allows people to part-rent and part-own a property.

It is aimed at people who aren’t in a position to buy their home outright; Shared Ownership lets them buy a stake of 25-75 per cent in the property with a mortgage and they then pay rent on the remaining share that remains owned by the housing association. The amount of rent they will pay can be up to 3% of the Association’s share of the property value – the share that the Association retains.

If there was a property valued at £160,000 and it was bought on a 50% share, the initial rent would be £80,000 x 3 per cent = £2,400 per annum = £200.00 monthly.
The mortgage payment for the £80,000 you have purchased would be payable as well as the rent.

Keep buying more of your home…

This is known in the business as ‘staircasing’, you can buy additional shares in your property whenever you can afford to, right the way through until you own the property outright. Each time you ‘staircase’, the rent payable will be recalculated and will reduce proportionately. However, you are never compelled to buy further shares and the original share split can remain in place.

The shared ownership schemes are important in helping people who are looking to get a foothold on the property ladder but are struggling to do so, and, as with any housing scheme, it is important to discuss the details with a professional mortgage adviser who will be able to find the most suitable deals for your situation.

For more information on a wide range of Government Help-to-By Schemes go to:

See more Mortgage Buzz articles on our website: